c-ip4-7You can easily fix the charger port on your iPad 4 simply by bringing your device to us at Airtech Communications in New York. Our capable team of experts will be able to identify the cause of your problem and have it fixed within one hour.

You may not know but the tablet’s charger port can be very easily broken in the following conditions:

  • When the iPad breaks due to force of impact
  • When water seeps into the device
  • When it has been thrown or roughly handled
  • Normal wear and tear from long term usage

It can be very annoying and frustrating to use the iPad 4 when the charger port is in need of repairs or a replacement because once the battery runs out, you will be unable to turn it back on. When this happens, we at Airtech Communications would like to remind you that it doesn’t have to be a disaster and that we are here to help you.

Why Choose Us?

When you give us a call today at 818-884-0434, you will learn first-hand the way we operate that sets us apart from the competition. You will be guaranteed to have the best customer service you could ever hope for as our friendly consultants are always on standby to pick up the phone and answer any questions you may have

As mentioned above, it only takes one hour for us to complete the charger port repair or replacement on your iPad, which means you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to have your device returned to you in working condition once again! You will be glad to know as well that we only carry parts that are OEM quality, so there will be no issue of compatibility when we use our parts on your device

For added protection, your repairs or replacements that are done with us will be fully covered in a warranty in the unlikely event your part came faulty from the manufacturer. Give us a call now to arrange for an appointment!