Charger Port Repair for iPhone 6S

Charger Port Repair for iPhone 6S

Problem charging the iPhone 6S? We can help.

Without a functioning charger port, you will not be able to use your phone. The damage may cause your iPhone 6S to lose its charge, or your phone may simply not charge at all. Having to wriggle this part around to get it to work is the first warning sign the charger port is damaged. Charger port damage can occur if dirt or liquid get into it, or if one of the pins break, for instance.

A broken charger port does not mean you will have to replace your phone. Consulting a qualified professional is all it takes, and everything will be taken care of. And that is exactly what our business is here to offer.

Why us?

  • We pride ourselves in delivering high quality solutions. Our technical experts have all the know-how required to figure out what is causing your problems. While other services may focus on getting you to part with your money, we are most concerned with how to repair your iPhone 6S.
  • We would never try to push our customers into buying refurbished devices. We are not concerned about whether you are insured, or whether your phone has a warranty.
  • Our primary goal is to get the job done and ensure you are happy. We have proven successful time and time again with iPhone 6S charger port repair in NYC.
  • Affordable high quality repairs are our specialty. Same day repairs at a cheap price is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Want to find out more? Call us or drop by our store. Our team is happy to help with broken iPhone 6S charger ports and smartphone charging problems.