ipad-cracked-screen-repair-LAWhen was the last time you had your APPLE computer TUNED-UP??

Never? iPhone repair Los Angeles” and “Mobile iPhone repair

No wonder your APPLE is running slower or the spinning rainbow just spins and spins and spins.

The APPLE store advertises $150 for a TUNE-UP only
The APPLE store advertises $150 for Virus Scan and Disinfection only.

That’s over $300 for a TUNE-UP and Virus Scan at APPLE store.

Our advertised price for a TUNE-UP and Virus Scan & Disinfection
Is only $199


That’s right only $199 for both services that cost $300 at APPLE store.

Have your APPLE computer TUNED-UP “and” VIRUS Scanned/Disinfected.
For only $199.call us 818-884-0434

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