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If your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is no longer functioning as well as it should, coming here is the right decision. Most of our repairs can be completed within the hour with same-day services. Most people in New York choose us because provide a warranty on most repairs.

If you are unsure about whether it is time to bring your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in for a much-needed repair, here are some of the common problems that we have fixed before:

  • Cracked or Broken Screen.After repeated use or accidental drops, your 5.5-inch display may become scratched or cracked. If scratches and cracks are visible in the glass, we can replace it without any trouble.
  • Damaged LCD Screen. Even if the glass screen is perfectly fine, the display may be functioning poorly after accidents occur. Signs of a malfunctioning LCD screen include out-of-place lines, scratches, or patterns within the screen, black spots and blurred, discolored areas on the screen, or a completely black screen in certain areas.
  • Malfunctioning Digitizer. Without its touch screen functionality, your phone becomes unpleasant to work with. If the digitizer is no longer working on your phone, your phone will either cease to respond or respond slowly when you use the touch screen. In addition, certain areas of the screen will have issues responding to touch. As a result, applications may also open and close randomly.
  • Charging Issues. Faulty batteries and malfunctioning charging ports can lead to your phone refusing to charge or taking an absurd amount of time to finish charging. In addition, if the power drains quickly, this can also indicate that it is time to replace your battery. Depending on your issue, we can provide you with a brand-new and fully functional charger or provide replacements for either your charging port or battery.
  • Water Damage Repair. It is no secret that technology and water seldom work well together. Our certified cell phone repair technicians know how to fix phones with water damage when an accident does happen and your phone ends up soaked and dripping.

Call us at (646) 658-3126 if you have any questions or when are you are ready to make an appointment to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 today. If you are already near this area of New York, simply walk-in and we will be able to fix your device without a problem.